This project blogsite operates as a reference and tool for the developing Cultural and Engagement Strategy for Robert Gordon University, and which includes Public Art & the Riverside strategy for it's Garthdee Campus. The blog has been prepared by Ian Banks of appointed art consultants Atoll, and who is collaborating on the strategy with new media artist Clive Gillman and lighting consultant Reg Gove of Lightfolio. The blog is focussed not just towards the Garthdee campus and University only, but explores the context of a wider Aberdeen. In terms of confidentiality, for the moment at least the blogsite is openly accessible, but does not contain information on the strategy that is deemed sensitive. This access arangement may change.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Latest update is that the Cultural and Engagement Strategy for Robert Gordon University has now been prepared and which includes the Public Art & the Riverside Campus strategy for Garthdee in it's portfolio.

This strategy remains confidential but will be hosted on the blog once approvals and policy is agreed with the RGU Senior Managers Group.

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