This project blogsite operates as a reference and tool for the developing Cultural and Engagement Strategy for Robert Gordon University, and which includes Public Art & the Riverside strategy for it's Garthdee Campus. The blog has been prepared by Ian Banks of appointed art consultants Atoll, and who is collaborating on the strategy with new media artist Clive Gillman and lighting consultant Reg Gove of Lightfolio. The blog is focussed not just towards the Garthdee campus and University only, but explores the context of a wider Aberdeen. In terms of confidentiality, for the moment at least the blogsite is openly accessible, but does not contain information on the strategy that is deemed sensitive. This access arangement may change.

Reg Gove - Lightfolio

After leaving Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee in 1992 with and honours degree in Interior design, Reg went to work immediately for a local lighting company having been inspired by a lecture on lighting design from visiting professor Andre Tammes, founder and principal of Lighting Design Partnership.
Reg has worked on all manner of interior and exterior projects over the last 17 years but it is exterior and architectural illumination that Reg is most interested in, siting that at least this way everyone gets to enjoy the benefits of a well conceived and executed lighting scheme, not just those few lucky individuals that can afford it.

Reg has worked over the years for a host of Architects, Engineers and a wide range of public and private sector clients including Glasgow City Council, North Lanarkshire Council, Sunderland City Council, Disney Cruises, Sir and Lady Sheila Matthewson, Sir Fred Goodwin, Sculptor Andy Scott, Neil Baxter, The G1 Group, TAL Group, Clydebank Rebuilt Ltd, British Waterways, Aedas, Gillespies, Keppie Architects, Land Use Consultants, IanWhite Associates, Grit and Pearl and LKMK.

Reg has designed lighting schemes for a great number of buildings and public spaces over the years from grade A listed buildings such as The City Chambers, Tolbooth, Kibble Palace and Mitchell Library in Glasgow where he has experience of working closely with Historic Scotland and Conservation and Planning Officers, to more modern structures and spaces such as the Tower blocks at Cardonald and Govan that border the M8, The Glasgow Science Centre Tower, Abbotsford Steeple in Clydebank, Bothwell Plaza in Glasgow and the multi million pound Maxim Business Park at Eurocentral, where Lightfolio developed both a lighting strategy and concept lighting design after visiting a number of exemplar sites around the UK. As a result of this work the client decided to put a far greater emphasis on lighting externally within the development and allocated a substantially increased budget to this. The business Park is due for completion in the near future.

Of particular interest to Reg are projects where collaboration with artists and children is possible. Working with artists such as Andy Scott, Bill Fontana and Charlie Davidson, can be a rewarding experience. Often the interdependent relationship that develops produces amazing results; as is about to be realised in Sunderland where Lightfolio is working closely with KAPOK design of Berlin on an entirel new approach to public realm lighting and art. Equally, working with school children and involving them in the concept, design process and delivery of projects is of great interest to Reg as he has recentl done in Clydebank on an underpass, “hopefully this type of work and the results that can be achieved, will inspire future generations to get involved in the addictive profession that is lighting”.

Lightfolio was formed in 2004 when Reg and Ian Walker decided that their complimentary skill bases would allow exciting and challenging concepts to be realised. To date the practice has undertaken some very challenging projects both in subject and budget and has managed to deliver unique and engaging solutions that are well conceived, realistic in terms of maintenance and ever mindful of precious natural resources and environmental pollution