This project blogsite operates as a reference and tool for the developing Cultural and Engagement Strategy for Robert Gordon University, and which includes Public Art & the Riverside strategy for it's Garthdee Campus. The blog has been prepared by Ian Banks of appointed art consultants Atoll, and who is collaborating on the strategy with new media artist Clive Gillman and lighting consultant Reg Gove of Lightfolio. The blog is focussed not just towards the Garthdee campus and University only, but explores the context of a wider Aberdeen. In terms of confidentiality, for the moment at least the blogsite is openly accessible, but does not contain information on the strategy that is deemed sensitive. This access arangement may change.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

FINAL POST: Cultural & Engagement Strategy

This is the final entry of the working blog used to document the process of developing the transition of the original Public Art & the Riverside (PARC) brief for Robert Gordon University into the final Cultural & Engagement Strategy, and which included PARC as a small but important part of a bigger engagement type strategy. 

Following the final presentation by Ian Banks to RGU's new 'Public Art and Cultural Engagement Advisory Group' on 16th January 2013 of his Cultural & Engagement Strategy (v4 Final report abridged / updated summary), RGU are currently considering the potential for implementing aspects of this hybrid strategy. 

 RGU are presently considering the core aims they wish to prioritise, as well as the critical resourcing of it, from both a capital and management/curatorial point of view. The 'Public Art and Cultural Engagement Advisory Group', which will eventually become responsible for taking this forward, and in developing and coordinating the university’s final agreed strategy. 

This strategy remains confidential at the time of writing but a copy of the front page is included below. 

Ian Banks 17th January 2013


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Latest update is that the Cultural and Engagement Strategy for Robert Gordon University has now been prepared and which includes the Public Art & the Riverside Campus strategy for Garthdee in it's portfolio.

This strategy remains confidential but will be hosted on the blog once approvals and policy is agreed with the RGU Senior Managers Group.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Below uploaded is a powerpoint summary of both the consensus and outline strategy recommendations coming out of the recent RGU Public Art & the Riverside Campus questionnaire circulated last month via SurveyMonkey to identified RGU stakeholders. 

Survey Questionnaire Summary_05Jul12

The PARC blog has also been updated with a  summary of both Clive Gilman's and Lightfolio's artistic proposals for a LED installation on the Library Tower (see below):

Clive Gilmans artistic proposal looks to explore the notion of epic journeys made to and from Aberdeen using the motto of Robert Gordon University which is Omni Nunc Arte Magistra. This translates literally from Latin as "Now by all your mastered arts...". The motto comes from Virgil's Aenid, as the god Vulcan encourages his workers at the forge. Linked to this concept, is the approaching 500th anniversary in 2013 of the first ever translation of the  Aeneid into any western European language ('Middle Scots') in 1513 by the Bishop of Dunkeld, and called Eneados. The proposal looks to replay Eneados very very slowly around the upper library tower via applied L.E.D mesh lighting. It is now subject to a funding application made to Creative Scotland under the funding strand Large Scale Public Art.

All of the above links with the Governments recent Scottish International Design Summit (a summary of which is included below), an should be viewed in the context of the ongoing series of contextual videos and documents being uploaded continually inform this developing public art strategy.

If you have not been contacted already, please click here to take part in the RGU Questionnaire on Public Art & the Riverside Campus.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Context Video #6 The Library Tower

Tour of construction site of main complex and Library Tower on 25th May 2012. Michelle Anderson and Penny Lewis of RGU, artist Clive Gilman and Ian Banks.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Voters back Aberdeen's City Garden Project in referendum

Voters have backed Aberdeen's controversial City Garden Project after a referendum on the issue.

People were asked if they wanted to retain the historic gardens or back the £140m City Garden Project redevelopment.

There were 45,301 votes in favour of the project, with 41,175 people opposed to the plans.

Atoll 05Mar12